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Meg Ryan rules "In the Land of Women"
Posted on 22 Apr 2007
Meg Ryan In The Land Of Women ReviewEarly in "In the Land of Women" young Hollywood writer Carter Webb (Adam Brody) is gently dumped by his foreign fashion model girlfriend (Alena Enaya). She does it in a busy coffee shop so the poor schlub can't even make a scene. He just sits there looking misty-eyed and miserable as the love of his life walks away.
Next thing you know he's in suburban Michigan, ostensibly to look in on his senile, hermit-like grandmother (Olympia Dukakis) but mostly to get away from anything remotely resembling romance and heartbreak. He has come to the wrong place. Grandma lives across the street from an upwardly mobile family comprising a largely absent father and three women.

Sarah (Meg Ryan) is a stay-at-home mom with fulfillment issues, a philandering husband and a case of breast cancer.
Her teenage daughter Lucy (Kristen Stewart) is going through a rebellious phase - she makes snarky anti-consumer comments about having to live in a Crate & Barrel showroom. Much of her anger stems from her indecision about when and how to ease into the world of opposite-sex relationships. Little Paige (Makenzie Vega) is one of those precious 10-going-on-30 types whose intellect is a good decade ahead of her emotions.

All three will project on the 26-year-old Carter their fears, desires, frustrations and hopes.

"In the Land of Women" is the directing debut of Jon Kasdan, who also wrote the screenplay. It's hardly a perfect affair. Kasdan too often goes for cheap moments, whether dramatic or comedic - for example, Carter's regular gig is writing scripts for soft-core porn productions. But he has drawn such terrific performances from his players that the film's shortcomings are excusable.

Meg Ryan is a revelation. The ex-America's Sweetheart digs into her role as a disaffected suburban mom with a fierceness and fragility. She lets herself look haggard here, but at the same time she's astonishingly sexy. It's a career performance.

Stewart, who just a few years ago played Jodie Foster's androgynous daughter in "The Panic Room," has blossomed into a young beauty with acting chops to spare. Her delightfully off-balance performance blends innocence, anger, artistic impulse and seductiveness (the character is blissfully oblivious to how she affects boys).

Dukakis serves mostly as a comedic foil as the out-of-touch Granny, who doesn't quite believe that this young man is the same kid who used to visit.
Holding down the center is Brody, late of TV's "The O.C." and "Gilmore Girls." His persona melds Topher Grace and Zach Brach without either's self-consciousness. He's a normal-looking guy who can be funny but never goes overboard; essentially this is a straight performance with some drolly amusing moments, but he manages to take even the most strained moment or line of dialogue and make it not only palatable but compelling.

Best of all he walks a tightrope between compassion and self-obsession. This is a guy who describes himself as a good listener but who is usually too wrapped up in his own emotions to hear anyone. That makes him the perfect backboard against which these women can lob their emotional three-pointers. And he makes it all look easy.

The story of how Meg Ryan and Daisy found each other
Posted on 22 Apr 2007
Meg Ryan DaisyIf you haven't noticed, one of America's favorite romantic comedy actresses, Meg Ryan, 45, hasn't been in your nearest movie theater since 2003's Against the Ropes. But she has a good excuse: she's been laying low and concentrating on raising Jack, 15, her son with ex-husband Dennis Quaid, and her 2-year-old daughter Daisy True, whom she adopted from China last year. Meg is back to work now though, with two new movies out this year, one being In the Land of Women. Meg sits down with Redbook magazine, where she talks about her kids and life as a single mother.

On raising a toddler: Although many moms find toddlers to be headstrong and difficult at times, Meg thinks Daisy is easy. She says, 'Daisy doesn't feel hard. She doesn't feel like...there's no sweat on it man. She's a good hang, and she's easy. She's very smart and she's very generous. I love that she's funny. I love that. I just can't imagine what it was like before she came. Life is good, it's so good with her in it. She and Jack get along great. All of us fit together beautifully.'

On finding Daisy: Meg shares that in China, the adoption process includes a lottery system and Daisy was randomly assigned to her. Meg then immediately adds, 'But that said, I am convinced, completely convinced that there was nothing random about it. She is the daughter I should have. I never felt like I was on a rescue mission or anything like that. I just really wanted a baby; I was on a mission to connect with somebody, and Daisy and I got to meet each other this way at this time. We are so compatible. And also having the experience of having had Jack and now to have Daisy in a different way -- there's no difference in the love you feel.'

Meg is also convinced that how she got Jack was just as much of a lottery: 'Kids come into the world who they are. Jack is as different from me as Daisy is. Jack is different from his dad. He's his own guy, and that's how kids come, no matter how you get them. It's just as much of a lottery with your own biological children as it is with an adopted child half the world away.'

In some ways, Meg thinks it's easier being a single parent to Jack and Daisy: 'I mean, Jack has his dad and they're close, he'll always have that. But when you're the only one in the house with the kids, you get to be the one in charge. You're the one making the rules. There's no stress because you and some other adult don't agree on how you want to raise your kids.'

Posh and Becks to buy Meg Ryan's $20million Bel Air mansion
Posted on 13 Mar 2007
Meg Ryan News 2007 Victoria and David Beckham have put in an offer on a Bel Air mansion that once belonged to Meg Ryan, it was revealed today. The celebrity pair have been searching for a house in Los Angeles since it was announced that David would be moving to US soccer team, LA Galaxy. And it seems that Posh has set her heart on the seven-bedroom, six-bathroom house in the exclusive district of Bel Air. As well as multiple living quarters, the house boasts ocean views, a games room, private gym and sauna, swimming pool and massive back garden.
Bel Air estate agent Joel Cunningham, who reportedly showed the stick-thin star round the property, said: "Mrs Beckham was very impressed with the property overall, especially the ocean views which can be enjoyed from the bedroom. "She also was impressed by the close proximity to the local amenities and schools. She was absolutely smitten with the architecture and garden, which is nearly 100 years old and has flowing vines and willow trees." She loved the deck area in the garden too, as it offers a great space for a family to gather and eat breakfast or lunch during the warmer months of the year. And the garden has lots of space for the children to run around in."
And Mr Cunningham also said that the Beckhams, who had a scare when five men were caught plotting to kidnap Victoria in 2002, were very impressed with the extensive security Meg Ryan had installed in the property. He added: "In addition to the large 8ft high security fence surrounding the property, there's also a front wall and gates that are even higher than the massive fence, at a massive 11ft."
According to 'Heat' magazine, the asking price for the mansion is $20million, and the Beckhams have made an offer just over this. They are expected to hear whether or not their offer has been accepted before the end of the week.

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Star-Crossed Hill Still A Cau$e Celeb
Posted on 23 Feb 2007
Meg Ryan News With a string of big-money meetings yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton set out to prove she's still the Toast of Tinseltown by raking in cash from A-listers like Warren Beatty and Madonna - two days after Dem rival Barack Obama gobbled up $1.3 million from the stars. Clinton held cash bashes with supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, Hollywood man-about-town Sim Farrar and megarich producer Haim Saban, and met with the bosses of uber-talent agency Creative Artists - all big Democratic contributors in the Golden State.
Creative Artists' stable of talent includes the likes of actors Jessica Biel, Matt Dillon, Michael J. Fox, Keanu Reeves and longtime Clinton backers Tom Hanks and Reese Witherspoon.
The private meetings throughout the day were all small-scale - with larger soirees slated for another Clinton trip to California next month. The small gatherings yesterday still produced A-list celebs like Madonna, Beatty and basketball legend Magic Johnson, the Hotline political blog reported.

Clinton has also already locked up support from actors Meg Ryan and Elizabeth Taylor and music great Quincy Jones.

Meg Ryan Network update : Magazine Scans
Posted on 18 Feb 2007

William H. Snares Meg Ryan
Posted on 18 Feb 2007
The ultimate movie making catastrophe will be the core of a new comedy starring, and co-written by William H. Macy. Daily Variety reports Macy and Meg Ryan are set to co-star in The Deal, independently produced by Muse Entertainment, Dogpond/Sydnyk Works and Union Square Entertainment. Shooting will begin in March in South Africa.

Even a hint of the storyline could make a studio executive reach for the antacid and a Valium: Macy will play a producer who manages to put together a $100 million period action project. But when the film’s lead actor is kidnapped, the producer decides to forge ahead and make a different picture with the studio’s money, without letting on to the studio.

Macy and longtime collaborator Steven Schacter have been raising money to make the comedy for the last eight years, which is based on a comic novel by Peter Lefcourt. The pair almost got it off the ground as a telefilm for Showtime. When Showtime decided to cut back on original films, Macy and Schacter reorganized and reconceived the movie as a feature. There’s no distributor in place as yet, but that doesn’t worry Macy. In fact, he says, that was the plan. “The new paradigm in Hollywood is to make the movie, and if it's good, you'll get a distributor."

Meg Ryan making "The Deal" ?
Posted on 03 Feb 2007
Meg Ryan NewsWilliam H. Macy and perhaps Meg Ryan are set to star in the romantic comedy “The Deal,” based on Peter Lefcourt’s book. Macy has co-written the script, adapting from a novel, with creative partner Steven Schachter who will direct. Lisa Kudrow is officially out of the cast.
Monsters got a direct update from the production company in Montreal today that filming will commence March 26th, and be in Cape Town, South Africa, not Bucharest, Romania as previously reported by other news sources. Production Weekly summarizes the premise as a washed-up Hollywood producer Charlie Berns, played by Macy, has mailed in his updated obit and is about to buy the farm and fade to black when a miracle materializes: his nephew, a wannabe screenwriter from New Jersey, has scripted the life story of Queen Victoria’s prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, which Charlie manages to turn into a hot property that puts him player territory again.
Of course as the deal heats up, Hollywood makes a "few conceptual changes" that morph the project into "Lev Disraeli: Freedom Fighter," an action thriller with a black Jewish superstar, a Yugoslavian location, a mad Polish director, and a real-life kidnapping.

When Meg Ryan met Matthew Perry
Posted on 02 Feb 2007
Meg Ryan Meg Ryan and Matthew Perry have sparked rumors they are romantically involved after they were seen getting cozy in Los Angeles. Perry has been a regular guest at the actress' gated home in Bel Air, Calif. A source tells Us Weekly Perry was spotted arriving at Meg Ryan's home on Saturday night at 8:30 pm, saying she "had the gates open, just waiting for him." Perry, 37, and Meg Ryan, 45, were also seen dining out at The Brentwood restaurant in Los Angeles over the holidays. An eyewitness says, "They sat in a dark corner booth. Meg asked that the spotlight on their table to be turned down."
A source confirms Perry and his recent girlfriend, "The Class" actress Lizzy Caplan, 24, "are not dating anymore." Meg Ryan divorced actor Dennis Quaid in 2001 and briefly dated her "Proof of Life" co-star Russell Crowe.

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