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Meg Ryan Network : gallery additions
Posted on 31 Jan 2007
We're working on completing the gallery. For now I'm adding these magazines that featured Meg on their covers :

Meg Ryan InStyle Magazine pictures Meg Ryan Vanity Fair 1995 cover Meg Ryan Redbook magazine photos Meg Ryan PREMIERE

Screen captures
Posted on 17 Jan 2007
There is just *nothing* going on right now... So I'm updating the site with a few screen captures. Meg Ryan in "Prelude to a kiss" & Meg in "Top Gun". And the affiliates have been added.

Meg Ryan on YouTube : watch the new trailer !
Posted on 15 Dec 2006
Somebody posted the trailer for "Homeland Security" on YouTube, so I thought you might want to watch it : click here! I also made a few screen captures of this trailer, they're in our gallery of pictures. Sorry for the bad quality but this is the best I could do with what I had.
While I'm here to update the site, I did check the affiliates and I had to remove 5 sites that were not linking us back, but the good part is we have 3 new additions, including James Marsden Online : this site actually chose Meg Ryan Network as their site of the month for December 2006 & January 2007. Thank you!!!

Meg Ryan & Oprah in India soon
Posted on 05 Dec 2006
Meg Ryan America's chat show queen, Oprah Winfrey, might very well be making a stop in New Delhi in February 2007. The dust has barely settled in the trail of Brangelina's recent India sojourn, when news has come in that another mega celeb, America's chat show queen, Oprah Winfrey, might very well be making a stop in New Delhi in February 2007. Sources at charity organisations in the country tell us this trip will be a part of her charity network development project that will focus on the welfare of young girls in third-world countries.
But that's not all. Apparently, joining her on this trip will be 'America's sweetheart' actor Meg Ryan who has visited India numerous times before. Her most recent trip was in January this year to Delhi's Jehan-girpuri slum, where she met and interacted with HIV positive girls and women.
Oprah has previously expre-ssed her desire to visit India, saying, she believes it has "the most beautiful people in the world."

Meg Ryan to headline HBO's 'Best Awful'
Posted on 01 Dec 2006
Meg Ryan Actress Meg Ryan has been tabbed to play the lead in the upcoming miniseries "The Best Awful" for the U.S. cable network HBO. The 45-year-old actress will take on the lead role of a bipolar talk show host in the adaptation of a Carrie Fisher novel of the same name, and will share producing duties with the "Postcards from the Edge" author, the Hollywood Reporter said.
Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks and Richard LaGravenese also lend their individual abilities to the miniseries as producers.
Taking its cue from its "Postcards" predecessor, "Best Awful" will follow Meg Ryan's lead character as she attempts to manage raising her 6-year-old daughter, a prescription drug addiction, a gay ex-husband and a movie star mother. The Reporter said that the "Courage Under Fire" actress is also said to working with director Jon Kasdan on his ensemble movie, "In the Land of Women." It will be the first time Ryan has appeared on the big screen since 2004's "Against the Ropes."

Meg Ryan is coming back
Posted on 14 Nov 2006
Meg Ryan the Women Meg Ryan is remaking the chick's chick flick, The Women. For release next holiday season, says the Hollywood Reporter. An $18 million remake of the 1939 George Cukor classic, with Mick Jagger producing?
"'The Women' is a very exciting project for our company," Jagger said. "It's a very funny and incisive script."
In the new version, Meg Ryan...would play a contemporary Martha Stewart-style TV personality who, as in the original, discovers that her husband is cheating on her. Picturehouse president Bob Berney said he plans to market the film as a broad comedy with a wide release, adding, "I laughed out loud reading this script."
Anne Hathaway, Lisa Kudrow and Candice Bergen are among the other actresses being mentioned.
The project has been in the works since 1995, when Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts independently asked New Line Cinema about doing a remake.

Diane English to Direct The Women
Posted on 08 Nov 2006
Meg Ryan It’s been a long time coming since the mid ‘90s at least but TV director Diane English’s plan to remake George Cukor’s 1939 comedy The Women looks like it might finally be going into production. Meg Ryan (who has been attached to the project since the start), Candice Bergen, Anne Hathaway and Lisa Kudrow are all committed to star in the film, which follows a group of gossip-loving high-society types who love nothing more than spending their days at the beauty salon and bitching about each other. The original Sex & The City (though it was 1939, so not so much with the on-screen nookie), Cukor’s comedy found blissfully married Mary Haines’ perfect life threatened by a scheming woman lures her husband away. Her friends react in typical fashion - trading the latest news about the affair, while Mary does her best to get her man back.
English plans to start shooting next March in New York.

Meg Ryan says her daughter Daisy is hilarious and an absolute light
Posted on 06 Nov 2006
Meg Ryan daughter Daisy Meg Ryan spoke to Entertainment Tonight's Steven "Cojo" Cojocaru about her new daughter, Daisy True, almost 2 years old, who she adopted from China in January. Meg told him, "She's a beautiful soul. She's an absolute light and hilarious."
What is Daisy up to? Meg says, "She just started talking. This is another great thing for her. She doesn't say 'mommy' or 'mama,' she calls me 'mom'. She's like 'mom, hi!' It sounds like a teenager saying that."
Her 14 year old son Jack (with ex-husband Dennis Quaid) likes Daisy now, but it sounds like he didn't at first. Meg said, "Once he figured out she was funny, that she was actually hilarious, it was bang on, it was great. They're great together."
Meg is in Shreveport, LA now shooting the romantic comedy, Homeland Security, with Antonio Banderas and Colin Hanks.

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