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Meg Ryan may replace Annette Bening in "Homeland Security"
Posted on 08 Sep 2006
Meg Ryan Seems a change is about to be made on "Homeland Security" cast line-up. According to reports compiled by Production Weekly, Oscar-nominated actress Annette Bening may be replaced by "You've Got Mail" star Meg Ryan. No clear explanation yet on how the speculation suddenly sparks, so please keep up with this site for further information next.
Described as a mystery in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief", "Security" has already billed Antonio Banderas as the lead actor with Thomas Joseph Adams and Norm MacDonald co-starring. Script is entrusted into the hands of George Gallo who also takes the helming duty. Filming is slated to begin on October 2 at locations around Shreveport, Louisiana and will run for about one month.
Meg Ryan, a native of Fairfield, Connecticut, has long been known to be an actress specializing in romantic comedies. Her past credits include "When Harry Met Sally" (1989), "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993), and "Kate & Leopold" (2001) opposite Hugh Jackman.

Meg Ryan Network : third version online!
Posted on 07 Sep 2006
Meg Ryan fansite There it is! I hope you will appreciate this new theme & the bright colors, it's actually my favorite version of the site. The black & white picture of Meg comes from an old photoshoot for "ELLE" magazine, I really like it a lot. I will keep on working on the site in the upcoming days because some things are still missing here & there, and obviously I want to add more content, especially in the information page. In the meantime, don't forget to check out our forum and our gallery of pictures! Thanx!

The message board is waiting for you ...
Posted on 03 Sep 2006
While I am still working on our next layout, I think I should not delay the launch of our new forum. Some of you had requested a place to interact with other fans, so here it is, feel free to join & post! :) Just click here.

where is the webmistress?! + I want a forum too! and a new layout!
Posted on 19 Aug 2006
Meg Ryan Hey guys!!! I finally found a computer with a decent internet connection here, lol I'm in the South of France right now so this is the reason why there hasn't been many updates lately, but I haven't forgotten about the site at all! I even have very exciting news : as soon as I come back home, I'll install a GORGEOUS new layout AND guess what?! we'll even have a forum!!! That's right, you requested it so you'll get it :) Take care of you & see you soon! *Julie*

Meg Ryan : " I can't win "
Posted on 01 Aug 2006
Meg Ryan Daisy daughter Meg Ryan insists she just can't win when it comes to pleasing her fans, because some want her to be youthful, while the rest wish she would accept her advancing years. The WHEN HARRY MET SALLY actress, 44, would rather be herself than change to fit a Hollywood ideal, but she knows life as a screen star is not that simple. She says, "Some people get upset if you're perky and you're over 40, and others want you to be that. "I don't think you can win in any way with this image. No one should shrink to fit the idea someone imposes on them. It's not what a human being's about."

Meg Ryan Buys Martha's Vineyard Retreat
Posted on 29 Jul 2006
Meg Ryan is reportedly planning to quit Hollywood to concentrate on bringing her adopted baby up in Massachusetts. The star just bought a $7 million 12-room cliff-top estate on Chappaquiddick Island off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, according to reports.
And she plans to raise Chinese baby Daisy there - thousands of miles away from Tinseltown. A source tells the National Enquirer, "Meg believes there's more to life than making movies."

Still completing the gallery with more photos ...
Posted on 12 Jul 2006
I'm still in the process of scanning all the things I received, I hope I'll also find the time to add the transcripts of the articles & interviews, but until then, this is what we have today :

Posted on 10 Jul 2006
I have finally received the magazines I was waiting for, so now we can seriously work on the gallery. I will slowly update it with different scans. We start with these :

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