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In the land of women : watch the trailer now !
Posted on 29 Jun 2006
Meg Ryan In The Land of Women We're finally getting more information about Meg Ryan's upcoming movie, "In The land Of Women". On the left you can see a little preview of the poster, though it has not been confirmed as the official one yet. And if that doesn't get you excited about the movie, then maybe you need to watch the trailer!!!
Click here to watch the trailer for "In The Land Of Women" .
I also uploaded 31 screen captures of Meg Ryan in " Against the Ropes".

Site update
Posted on 16 Jun 2006
I've uploaded 25 screen captures of Meg Ryan when she was on "Oprah" earlier this year. This is just to make you wait until I finally receive the parcel I told you about in my previous post. Thank you for your patience...

Meg Ryan Network - pictures updates
Posted on 20 May 2006
I have some really great news to share with you. But first, just in case you had not noticed it yet, I have opened the gallery. The latest additions? :
- Screen captures of Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally"
- the scans of "Vanity Fair" Italy, with Meg on the cover
- scans of "Glamour" that featured Meg Ryan on its cover back in 2005
Now the great news! The gallery is going to get HUGE because I have bought the collection of a fan and my plan is to scan everything... I just need to receive the package first ;-) It's going to be awesome, believe me!
And now, it's time to plug the site that my friend Elise has just opened (an hour ago!) : Jennifer Lopez Web! . It's a fantastic fansite with a funky vibe that I encourage you to visit ASAP. It also joins our top affiliates.

Where are Meg Ryan's wrinkles?
Posted on 11 May 2006
Here's a multiple choice question for you: How old do you think Meg Ryan is? 29, 37, 44? Well, pop quiz fans... the answer is 44. But now tell us how old you think she looks. Hopefully, you reckon 29. We certainly think Meg's looking good for her age.
She arrived at the National Magazine Awards in the US, without a creased eye or wrinkle in sight. Maybe it's her make-up, maybe it's her genes... we only know we want some of what she's having.
source : sky.com

The new and improved Meg Ryan Network
Posted on 08 May 2006
Yes, we're back online! I'm so sorry that I had to put the site on a short hiatus, but it was necessary for me to work on the layout, and let me tell you it was freaking me out to move all the files to the new server... while there was somebody in Norway who was trying to mess with the site (I swear, when somebody spends over 5 HOURS on your site, it's really weird). Anyway, we're now on a better server, and even if everything isn't available yet on the site, it will soon change. I'm uploading all the pages as soon as they're ready, and I will soon open the gallery. If the site becomes more popular, I may also open a forum, what do you think? :-) By the way, I have a new e-mail addy so if you wanna contact me, use the form!

Meg Ryan on the cover of Marie-Claire - UK edition
Posted on 05 Apr 2006
There can't be many out there who don't remember that interview. If you didn't see it, you're bound to have heard about it. Meg Ryan's 2003 interview with Michael Parkinson made for car crash TV when the star refused to answer questions with anything but a "yes" or a "no". Now, Meg's added more fuel to the feud by calling Parky a "nut". The When Harry Met Sally actress told Marie Claire magazine: "I don't even know the man... It's crazy. I don't know what he is to you guys, but he's a nut!
"I felt like he was berating me for being naked in a movie (In The Cut). He said something like, 'You should go back to doing what you were doing,' and I thought... Back off, buddy. "Maybe I should go on Jonathan Ross and talk about... what do you call him... Parky?" Phew. We don't fancy Parky's chances of having her back on his show.
Meg, 44, had kinder words for Russell Crowe, who she dated after divorcing husband Dennis Quaid. She said: "I was very lucky that Russell Crowe was around... He protected me... I think he had a lot of grace because he took the rap for being a homewrecker and he certainly wasn't."
She also talked about recently adopting her new daughter Daisy True... sister to her first child, Jack.
She said: "It was the most magical, miraculous and white-knuckle fearful experience. But now I've got this little love bomb toddling around my house. She's so Jack's sister and so my daughter. She's just heaven."

Russell Crowe : Meg made me a bad boy
Posted on 04 Apr 2006
RUSSELL Crowe blames his affair with Meg Ryan for causing his bad boy image. Oscar-winner Crowe also says Ryan's recent declaration he is not a home wrecker has come too late. "It would have been nice to hear (Ryan) say that a few years earlier," Crowe said. "A lot of the bad boy thing and attendant pressures came from that time. Everything seeps out from that, and a mould grows over you, because of the implications. "I think it's really brave that she finally got around to talking about it in public. "However, the horse has bolted and life has moved on."
In 2000, Ryan had a six-month relationship with Crowe while married to actor Dennis Quaid. But she now reveals her 10-year marriage to Quaid was over when she dated Crowe.
Ryan said she and Crowe "took a bullet" over the affair. She added Crowe "wasn't a home wrecker". "He took a lot of heat for that. He had a lot of grace not talking about things that he knew were going on in my marriage. "I will be very grateful to him for a long time for that." source : Herald Sun

Meg Ryan praises Crowe's grace under fire
Posted on 04 Mar 2006
Meg Ryan has praised ex-lover Russell Crowe for keeping details of her broken marriage to Dennis Quaid to himself when he was accused of being a home-wrecker.
Ryan insists her marriage was irreparably damaged long before she met and fell for Crowe on the set of Proof of Life and he became a shoulder for her to cry on as she went through divorce proceedings.
Looking back, Ryan feels she and Crowe were vilified by the media by seeming to have a romance that shattered her marriage, and she'll always be grateful to the actor for not telling the press what was really going on.
She says: "It was a very unhealthy marriage and it was pretty much not a happening marriage for a very long time. I probably should have left much earlier.
"I'm very sad that it all had to come apart in the way that it seemed to have. It was never about another man, it was only about my and Dennis' relationship just couldn't sustain.
"He (Crowe) wasn't a home-wrecker and he took a lot of heat for that and he had a lot of grace, frankly, about not talking about things that he knew were going on in my marriage and I'll be very grateful for him for a long time for that.
"Divorce is an impossibly hard transition in your life and he was there for a few months."

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