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Meg Ryan promoting "The Women"
Posted on 16 Sep 2008
Hey! I'll edit this post a bit later today with other screen captures but for now, here's the first batch of pictures. Meg was recently on several TV shows to promote her new movie "The Women", and we now have pictures of her appearance on "Regis And Kelly":

Edit : And here are the pictures of Meg Ryan's interview with David Letterman. The album contains two pictures of Meg's adopted daughter, Daisy.

Pictures of Meg Ryan in L.A.
Posted on 15 Sep 2008
I couldn't announce it on the home page of the site before today for some weird technical reason but I added tons of pictures of Meg Ryan and her co-stars attending the premiere of "The Women" in L.A. and you can view them all in the gallery :

While you're there, make sure to browse around for the other scans and screen captures I added earlier today (Instyle scans, You've Got Mail screen captures etc).

In other news, Meg & her co-stars of "The Women" were on the cover of "PARADE" magazine and that would be extremely nice if one of you could scan this for the site as I was unable to purchase a copy of this magazine. I'm also looking for someone to help me get my own copy of "California Style" magazine which has a lovely picture of Meg on its front cover. Please use the contact page or the forum to get in touch with me, and let me know if you want to trade or if you simply want money for this magazine.

The Women - Screen captures added
Posted on 02 Sep 2008
I am adding a few screen captures of Meg Ryan & her co-stars in "The Women", click on the thumbnails below to access the pictures :

Oh Oh Oh we're back....
Posted on 18 Aug 2008
Damn, that was a LONG hiatus for Meg Ryan Network! I am extremely sorry that the site was unavailable for such a long time : we went through so many problems, I'd get a headache just thinking about this again. The important thing is, the site is back, even though your webmistress Julie has more or less left due to many personal reasons. I've always been the administrator of the site though, so it's not like I'm a total stranger. I'll try to catch up on important things that should have been uploaded long ago, and while I'm working on bringing the gallery back to life... well you can visit our brand new forum. You'll need to register to post though. Have fun!!!

Status of Meg Ryan Network
Posted on 11 Jul 2007
Okay, so the pictures are back online, you can even access the gallery now -with a new layout- , BUT please keep in mind that we still have tons of changes to make. Most of the thumbnails are looking weird, but the pictures are in good quality... We basically just need a bit of time to change the thumbnails and everything will look fabulous tongue
While I'm at it, the message board is currently taking a break. The database was spammed, so I think we'll have to install a new forum & then you will have to subscribe again (sorry about that). It's entirely my fault though, I was busy with other things and I couldn't keep up with the new members' posts... I think you also noticed the site itself was not very updated lately. I'm working on that. I'll also write back to those of you who sent me messages and affiliation requests.

Gallery unavailable
Posted on 11 Jul 2007
This is just a quick note to let you know we have just moved the site to another server, and we're taking this opportunity to organize the gallery a little bit... so it won't be available for a while but it will come back as soon as humanly possible. Thank you! smile

Meg Ryan on the cover of REDBOOK magazine
Posted on 26 Apr 2007
I found the scans on a message board and unfortunately the quality isn't the best, so it's an opportunity for me to remind you that I do NOT live in the USA, which means I can't easily access your press medias... So if you want to contribute to the site, I'm always looking for help on the scans front ;-)

Also, Mirik has kindly scanned a page with a picture of Meg for the site, here it is :
Meg Ryan pictures scans

Meg Ryan warns wannabe stars to be wary of fame
Posted on 24 Apr 2007
Meg Ryan NewsActress Meg Ryan has warned wannabe actors against distressing aspects of being famous, and has asked them to be cautious about stardom. The 'When Harry Met Sally' actress said that she found it really traumatising to be a 'star'.

"When I first because famous, it was kind of traumatising, actually. You just constantly feel like you're getting hit," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.
The 45-year-old added that there is no calculable 'upside' to being famous. Meg Ryan added that one could also have money without fame.

"I would say there's no real upside to fame. No really measurable one. There's money, but that doesn't necessarily come along with fame," she added.

The actress also said that when you try to assess the advantages of being a star, it would strike you that you can have all these benefits without being a star.
"People always say that they can get dinner reservations, but, come on, you could always figure out some other way to get dinner reservations," she said.

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