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Beauty tips from Meg Ryan - Harper's Bazaar

The main source of Meg Ryan's beauty lies in a refreshing contradiction: She doesn't give her looks a lot of thought.
ln fact, talking about them at ail feels "weird" to this frank, exuberant 26-year-old best known for her bravura performance in the hit movie When Harry Met Sally. . . . Ques-tions concerning almost any aspect of her ap-pearance are countered with contagious laughter and seJf-deprecating answers. "If I can be on a list of America's JO most beautiful women, it should give everyone hope. Imean it!"
Ryan didn't have to endure the standard teenage traumas over her face or figure. Apparently the Ryan household found cerebral pursuits ("lots of reading") and physical activity more interesting anyway. "I didn 't experience any of the typical adolescent self-loathing or self-love. I knew my looks weren't exactly offensive. I guess I thought then, as I do now, that I was, well, adequate."
Actually, Ryan has been giving some serious thought to self-image lately, thanks to a new role. ln director Oliver Stone's film The Doors, about rock music icon Jim Morrison and his band, she plays Morrison's common-law wife, Pamela.
"She was a beautiful girl-but she depended on her looks too much -they were her only form of self-defense," says Ryan of the willowy blonde who eventually died of a drug overdose. "There was a lot of talk about equality for women in the '60s. But really it was a very sexist world, especially in the rock sub-culture. Playing her, l've learned that beauty has to do with how much you like yourself, how you perceive yourself. I also understand that's easy to say but sometimes hard to do."
Good health, Ryan states firmly, matters more to her than trying to look movie-star glamorous. "I have no set workout routine, but I try to do something every day. If l'm in the city, I'll go to the gym and use the Stairmaster."
At her house in Montana, she takes walks, climbs hills, and rides her horse, Jupiter Joy. Ryan's skin- and haircare routines are minimal - but she follows them faithfully. "For my complexion, I drink lots of water, especially when l'm in that Los Angeles air! And I always use a moisturizer." She also keeps her skin healthy by taking a break from cosmetics off-camera, and once a month, she makes sure to head to the hair salon for heavy-duty conditioning. As she' s about to take off for her day' s work on The Doors, she wonders if she might need some emergency beauty care soon: "Yesterday we filmed a scene where I had to be inside a closet that catches fire. But first. of course, they covered me from head to toe with this sticky fire-retardant gel - I don 't know yet how my skin and hair are going to react. Can you imagine?!"